5 Things You Should Eat After a Workout Session

So you’ve just finished an intense workout at our studio, and you’re feeling great! How do you take advantage of that awesome after burn, also known as “Excess Post-Exercise Consumption”? You’ve heard it before – Orangetheory Fitness high-intensity interval training maximize the Orange Effect, which increases the body’s caloric burn for up to 36 post-workout – anywhere from 600 to 1,000 calories.


So you’ve sweat it out with our Chapel Hill trainers and now you’re home and hungry. Keep the momentum going with your post-workout meal? Here are five healthy foods to eat that will help you trim calories and burn for the summer even after you’ve left the studio!


1. Greek yogurt: With twice as much protein packed in as regular yogurt, it is highly recommended for a post-workout snack! Mix it up with your favorite cereal or fruit to add even more nutrients.


2. Peanut butter: Get your dose of protein and carbohydrates in one sandwich by spreading some peanut butter on multigrain bread.


3. Fresh berries: A delicious handful of berries can actually help you fight the fatigue and soreness in your muscles after exercise.


4. Grilled chicken with veggies: Speed up your recovery with nutrient-packed grilled chicken and mixed-vegetables. This will fill you up and keep you moving.


5. Avocados: Add some avocado to your post-workout meal to boost your fiber intake and help your body absorb nutrients.


Getting fit and losing weight really can be delicious, too. Check back on our blog for more great healthy recipes soon!



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